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In collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we are pleased to present an exploration into the dynamics of foreign direct investment (FDI) in East Africa. Numerous factors can influence FDI, both positively and negatively. Our insightful article delves into an often-overlooked yet critical element that would ensure a continuous influx of FDI into the region. Stay and explore these valuable insights that may redefine your understanding of FDI trends in East Africa.
There is a growing body of knowledge that is coming out of Ethiopia in the form of academic research. Today on Reqiq, we map these publications by study area, and bring you an insightful article on why this progress should be celebrated and how a glaring gap has began to emerge in our academic pursuits.
On this International Women's Day, we shine a spotlight on the trailblazing women of Ethiopia who are redefining the business landscape. Through innovation and leadership, they are not only carving pathways to success but are also laying the foundations for future generations.
Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "There is power in numbers, and there is power in unity." Today on Reqiq— Adwa by the numbers. A unique visualization that quantifies the order of battle, showcasing the full outfit of our valiant army. May it inspire the same bravery in us all!
Love blooms across borders, just like Ethiopia's flowers this Valentine's Day. As one of the world's emerging floral giants, is Ethiopia ready to join the elite ranks of mega flower exporters? Explore our latest data visualization and detailed insight— brought to you in partnership with ACE investment and Impact Advisors— to see where love—and flowers—are taking flight.
How are domestic banks allocating their loans? In our latest collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we take an in-depth look at domestic loan distribution, sectoral investments, and their alignment with national strategies and initiatives. We warmly invite you to delve into our detailed article to discover more!
An economic history lesson— geopolitics, wars, pandemics, and investments gone awry, among others, all add to the fascinating story of Ethiopia's economic context and, inevitably, external loan. Click the link below for an interactive and detailed timeline.
In our first collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we present an exclusive exploration into Ethiopia's external debt. Moving beyond the numbers, delve into our in-depth analysis covering the historical, current, and prospective facets of Ethiopia's financial landscape.
Macchiato is a classic, but it’s also getting… expensive. Today on Reqiq, we look at the price points of some popular spots in Addis, and why price-based market segmentation is a clever (dangerous?) idea. Your morning cuppa’ analyzed!
As we wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let's reflect on what we've uncovered about Ethiopia's preparedness and awareness in the face of cyber threats.
'Expensive' is subjective. While some of these tuition fees may seem staggering, it's essential to examine these schools in the broader Ethiopian context and consider the influence of parental choices. Today on Reqiq.
Ethiopia's social media landscape is teeming with charismatic motivational speakers, but what lies beneath the surface? Join us as we explore the positive impact they offer, the pitfalls, and the economic concerns that warrant caution.
In recent years in Ethiopia, from the boardroom to the highlight reel to the Parliament, conversations and polarized opinions around gender equality have become more common. What would give us an idea of the enormity of the problem? Who’s suffering the most? Who should be held accountable? And, what should be done about it? The answer? Data. And we have very little of it.
Beyond the statistics, discover the untold story of ordinary Ethiopians caught in the grip of economic volatility. To read our opinion piece by Diana Yohannes and to download full-res infographics, click the link below.
Investing Unveiled: Demystifying Ethiopian Banks through Earnings Per Share. Uncover the significance of these figures and how they can help potential investors evaluate profitability, growth potential, and dividend capacity, guiding informed decisions in Ethiopia's vibrant banking sector.
Meet Ethiopia's powerhouse family of runners: the Dibabas. Olympic medalists, world champions, and record holders. Did you grow up glued to the TV for their wins?
Join us as we reflect on the 5th year anniversary of Abiy Ahmed's leadership by exploring the significant cabinet reshuffles that have taken place during his time in power.
Explore Ethiopia's ambitious journey to diversify its exports and shape its future in the global economy. Read more and download full-res graphics here:
Do you ever wonder how a government decides where to allocate its funds? The politics of budget allocation in Ethiopia offers a fascinating case study of the complex factors that come into play.
Addis Ababa: from empires to skyscrapers, see how this vibrant African city is transforming into an international hub— and faces many growing pains as it literally rises to the top.

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