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In collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we are pleased to present an exploration into the dynamics of foreign direct investment (FDI) in East Africa. Numerous factors can influence FDI, both positively and negatively. Our insightful article delves into an often-overlooked yet critical element that would ensure a continuous influx of FDI into the region. Stay and explore these valuable insights that may redefine your understanding of FDI trends in East Africa.
Love blooms across borders, just like Ethiopia's flowers this Valentine's Day. As one of the world's emerging floral giants, is Ethiopia ready to join the elite ranks of mega flower exporters? Explore our latest data visualization and detailed insight— brought to you in partnership with ACE investment and Impact Advisors— to see where love—and flowers—are taking flight.
How are domestic banks allocating their loans? In our latest collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we take an in-depth look at domestic loan distribution, sectoral investments, and their alignment with national strategies and initiatives. We warmly invite you to delve into our detailed article to discover more!
In our first collaboration with ACE Investment and Impact Advisors, we present an exclusive exploration into Ethiopia's external debt. Moving beyond the numbers, delve into our in-depth analysis covering the historical, current, and prospective facets of Ethiopia's financial landscape.

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